Google+…Ready, set, begin~

As I consider the question of how I might demonstrate competency on the ISTE standards and how this process will enhance my instruction, assessment, and professional productivity, I am immediately inspired and eager to begin. Not only do I see multifaceted benefits and practical application as I participate in my district’s pilot for the new teacher evaluation system, but I see tremendous opportunities for creatively relating with other colleagues and sharing “best practices” with my students. I am particularly drawn to the visual nature of Google+ and am pleased to learn of so many options for communicating ideas, thoughts, and information in such creative ways.


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  1. Posted by Meagan Wilson's bPortfolio on January 8, 2013 at 10:39 am


    I too am excited to learn and experience all that Google+ has to offer. Some of my colleagues have tried to get me to join Google+ for some time now; they’ll be thrilled that I finally created an account. I’m wondering if it could end up being an added feature to staff meetings and professional development opportunities; somewhere where the discussion is continued and expanded upon.


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