Reflection–Library Resources & Information Literacy

Reviewing the Seattle Pacific University Library tutorials throughout this past week was both an informative and reassuring process. I appreciated the opportunity to listen to and view such carefully detailed descriptions regarding guidelines and available services–particularly in light of the fact that it has been a number of years since I have been enrolled in a program with college level course work.

Among the most helpful tutorials was the information ethics site with the updated APA style citations and comparisons between the 5th and 6th editions of the APA Publication Manuals. Equally beneficial, were the reminders on effective strategies for conducting advanced searches within academic journals. Clearly, the ability to refine searches allows for increases efficiency and leads to the location of focused material for papers and projects. I am hopeful that the techniques and formatting will soon become second nature to me.

As a high school teacher, I found the straightforward explanations of strategies for evaluating websites to be especially useful. The information presented put “words” to some of what I’ve somewhat intuitively picked up along the way, and will assist me in providing clear reminders to my students as they are engaged in the researching and writing process.  I appreciate having such a wealth of useful information at my fingertips and look forward to carving out some extra time to go back and take a more thorough look at some of the sites.


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